WHO are we?

We are a team dedicated to YOU, the patient community

WHAT do we do?

Our priority is to weave your perspective into the fabric of our work and the daily activities at Audentes

We are here to advocate for YOU with our colleagues at Audentes

The definition of “advocate” is “to support a cause or proposal.” However, we believe that truly advocating for patients and families requires much more than “support”. It requires commitment, dedication, and passion to ensure we are continually doing what is right for patients.

WHY do we do what we do?

  • Because we care – and because we want to hear from YOU
  • To integrate YOUR perspectives as patients and families living with a rare condition into our work
  • To deliver more meaningful development programs, education, and support to the rare patient communities we have the privilege to serve
  • To help achieve our mission of bringing innovative gene therapy products to patients living with serious, life-threatening rare diseases

We aim to integrate the patient and family perspective by:

  • Building collaborative relationships with the patient community, guided by trust, transparency, and mutual respect
  • Actively listening to patient and family needs
  • Seeking to understand the patient and family experience
  • Gathering these perspectives and advocating for them with our internal teams, as a guide to define and strive toward mutual goals